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About iChineseChess
About iChineseChess

  For this iPhone version of  iChineseChess, we put these functions, especially for the beginner of  Chinese Chess:
   1. Add easy level for beginner
   2. Even don't know Chinese Chess rule, you know how to move 
   3. Player can do over again
   4. By the situation,  player can request to end the game in draw

  In the future version, we should add the next function, if we have enough resource:

   1. Player can get and send gage record  
   2. Player can play with other person by iPhone
   3. Upload MY game record to server and share it with other by Internet
   4. Start to play from a formula situation

   For the release is free, we provide an area with 40 Pixel (about 6mm) in height on the top as a  advertisement banner area for sponsors. 

■Player with iPhone

Just touch the iChieseChess icon (like the left up icon in next picture), start play with iPhone, and you will be as Red.


■Mark the figure of running

Touch your horse, any movable destination will be showed.

Touch the 「CHE」 Touch the 「MA」
Touch the 「PAO」 Touch the 「JIANG/SHUI」
Touch the 「SHI」 Touch the 「XIANG」
Touch the 「BING/ZU」

■Mark the figure of running ( Obstacle for MA or XIANG)

If there is obstacle for MA or XIANG in the direction, the MA or XIANG will can not move to this direction.

Obstacle for MA Obstacle for XIANG

■Function in game

 Touch the [function] button in the middle of the lower side, you can request to do over again, or request to end the game in draw.

Function menu

■Select a level 

 Touch the [Replay] button on the Right down,You can set the level at any situation, but the game will be restart by these levels:

  Very Easy




*Reference : the Hard level will be like the level of GUANYU in iChineseChess on Windows version.

Replay menu

■Settings menu

 Touch the [Settings] button on the left down, you can set some option of  the game:




*The inquiry ahead will be showed in here.

Setting menu

■Get the iPhone picture (iPhone's Function

 Click the [Home] and [Power] button at the same time, the iPhone picture will be saved as a picture in the [Picture] fold.

*This is the iPhone's Function.


 iChineseChess (Japanese)

 iChineseChess (Chinese)

 iChineseChess (Chinses in BIG5 Code)

 iChineseChess (English)

 iChineseChess (Korea)

Q:Where should we get the iccPlayer?
A:Please dowload it from AppStore.
Q:How about the language for iccPlayer?
A:There are English version, Japanese version and Chinese version for  iccPlayer interface. If the language is not the three one, it will be shown same as in English..


■Area for sponsor

 On the top side, there is an area in 40 Pixel (about 6mm) height, for sponsor.

 If there are plurals sponsors, will be showing in one by one.

←this area is for sponsor.

Size : 320 * 40 Pixel (about 6mm)

■Sponsor link

 If you touch the sponsor area, the HP of sponsor will be shown.

 Note : the operation in the sponsor HP, will not have any relation with iccPlayer/iChineseChess. 

 If you touch the [Back] button , will go back to the game, and the game will not be interrupted.

■Show the HP(just an example of sponsor) (it will be same as HP shown in PC) 

*the first page of the HP
*by the weight sensor of iPhone, the direction will be changeable
*by the touch sensor of iPhone, the contents will be expansive or reducstive.
*you can do some shopping in the HP if it is a shopping site(No relation with iccPlayer/iChineseChess

The sponsor is recruited(Only for business unit of corporation and sole proprietor)

 The frame is decided by setting the language of iPhone, just like thses:



   *English and Other Language

 *Note : It is possible to do for individual of the other language. 

 Please do not hold back and inquire of a lower where to make contact about an advertising exhibition. 

  iPhone Develop Group

Free for Linkage
   APP Store : http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/iccplayer/id337073574?mt=8
  Official Site for iChineseChess on  iPhone : http://www.infobridge.jp/iccplayer/index_en.htm
  Official Site for iChineseChess on Windows : http://www.infobridge.jp/product/iccen/iccindex.htm